Camera Lucida: The iPhone App for Artists

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Draw Like The Masters

Using the iPhone or iPad's camera, our application superimposes a live view of your drawing surface with the image of your choice.

If you've ever tried to draw a portrait, then you know the importance of getting the proportions of the face just right.

Artists throughout the years have used all kinds of techniques to get the placement of key features in their proper space. Grids, pantographs, projectors and yes, the camera lucida have all been used throughout the years by artists to ensure they get key features and perspective correct.

"A brilliant implementation of a clever idea."

- Dave Mark, Author of Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK

Now with the Camera Lucida iPhone or iPad application, artists have a new tool that is flexible and easy to use.

Finally it's easy to get facial proportions perfect. The corners of the mouth, the placement of the eyes, etc. Even landscapes and buildings will look more realistic because their perspectives will be spot on.

The Traditional Camera Lucida

The traditional camera lucida is small device minimally consisting of a half-silvered mirror that has been around for centuries. When properly used, it allows an artist to see a transparent view of what is in front of him superimposed on his drawing surface.

It has been speculated than many great painters of the past have used devices such as this to create their masterpieces.

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